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Trends in Seed Stage Funding for Entrepreneurs

December 22 2011 No Commented

I’ve recently taken a look at seed stage funding by venture capitalists (VCs) and angel investors over the past five years.  For VCs, I chose to look at all seed stage VC deals (from MoneyTree©) as well as those in five of the most active regions in the country.  Note that I merged the two […]

Friends and Family: A Huge Source of Capital for US Startups

November 20 2010 5 Commented

The following article appeared in the December 2009 issue of the Flathead Business Journal, but is no longer available online. Using cash from friends and family to start businesses is a quite common practice.  It is estimated that roughly half of startup entrepreneurs get financial support from friends and family members in starting their companies.  […]

Montana Venture Capitalists

September 28 2010 No Commented

As many of you know, high-growth entrepreneurs seek capital from three generally non-competing sources:  Friend & Family, Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists.  F&F often invest up to $100K in idea-stage companies (no product, no customers).  Angel investors provide funding in amounts ranging from $100K to $1 million to companies with at least a prototype product […]

Seasoned Angel often Favor Preferred Shares

April 7 2010 No Commented

Seasoned Angel often Favor Preferred Shares Professional investors, angels and venture capitalists alike, often stipulate that companies in which they invest establish a second class of stock (preferred, in addition to ordinary or common shares) and that the investors then purchase preferred securities.  What are the advantages to investors of preferred shares? The shareholder agreements […]

Just What Are Angel-only Deals?

January 12 2010 No Commented

Just What Are Angel-only Deals? In my last post, I described the trend among angel groups in the US to fund more angel-only deals, primarily because of the changing world of US venture capital.  I did so without really describing the characteristics of angel-only deals. Perhaps I should start by describing angel deals.  Oh…I did […]