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There Is Only ONE Silicon Valley

December 28 2011 No Commented

Silicon Valley is a very special place – the nucleus of high-growth, high technology entrepreneurship in the US, indeed, in the world.  The Valley is world-class entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists and successful high-tech companies – all growing companies and creating jobs on one relatively small peninsula.  The Valley has been a unique place for […]

Trends in Seed Stage Funding for Entrepreneurs

December 22 2011 No Commented

I’ve recently taken a look at seed stage funding by venture capitalists (VCs) and angel investors over the past five years.  For VCs, I chose to look at all seed stage VC deals (from MoneyTree©) as well as those in five of the most active regions in the country.  Note that I merged the two […]

Due Diligence Is So NOT Yesterday!

February 9 2011 No Commented

VentureHype just published an interview of Bill Payne in which he describes the value of due diligence to investors and comments that angel investors outside Silicon Valley continue to believe that due diligence is critical to their success.

Super Angels: The Pros and Cons

October 19 2010 one Commented

Super Angels are high profile entrepreneurs-turned-investors, mostly in Silicon Valley, doing rapid-fire investing in startup entrepreneurs.  For many, 10-20 investments per year is the objective.  They are now raising small VC funds to finance even more ventures.  Are Super Angels a positive influence on the entrepreneurial economy?  Let’s take a look at the pros and […]

Are Super Angels Taking Over the World of Angel Investing?

October 13 2010 one Commented

With all this excitement about Super Angels investing in Silicon Valley startup ventures, are they beginning to dominate, dare I suggest, take over the world of angel investing?  Or, even the world of seed/startup stage investing? Maybe in their own minds, they are.  But Chris Yeh points out that Super Angels are doing about 200 […]

What Are These Super Angels?

October 5 2010 No Commented

What’s all the hubbub about Super Angels?  Well, some high profile entrepreneurs-turned-investors, mostly in Silicon Valley, have been doing some rapid-fire investing in startup entrepreneurs.  In the process, they began to accumulate some nice press (see our recent post) and lots of attention.  And, wanting to do more investing in startup ventures, many of these […]

Valuation of Pre-revenue Angel Deals

September 23 2010 one Commented

I spent my summer developing a new ½ day workshop on the valuation of pre-revenue start-up companies for angel investors and entrepreneurs.  It is now complete and will be delivered in Tucson, Grand Forks, ND and Philadelphia in the next six weeks.  This was a volunteer project I completed for the Angel Capital Education Foundation. […]

Thank Goodness for Super Angels

September 6 2010 one Commented

Have you noticed all the great press given to Super Angels by the Business Week and the Wall Street Journal? First Business Week introduced us to their top 25 angel investors, who have each funded between 5 and 190 deals, averaging about 40 angel investments per angel.  It is a great list!  Then, the Wall […]

Lean Startups – I

July 28 2010 No Commented

Lean Startups – I In all of my travels, I explain to audiences that there are only two places in the world for entrepreneurs starting companies and seeking capital – (1) Silicon Valley … and (2) everyplace else.  Except for those in the Bay Area, almost all the rest of us live and work in […]