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Huge Opportunities Do NOT Command Huge Pre-money Valuations

May 30 2011 one Commented

One entrepreneur has a company which appears to be scalable to a $30 million exit value in 5-8 years and a second entrepreneur’s venture seems to be scalable to $200 million in exit value in the same time frame.  Yet, at the pre-revenue stage of development, angel investors price both companies at a pre-money valuation […]

Are Larger Opportunities More Risky Than Smaller Ones?

May 10 2011 No Commented

The skewed returns for angel investments report by Rob Wiltbank in 2007 for the US and in 2009 for the UK describe a clear strategy for angel investors:   [1] diversity* – invest in a large number of deals (ideally 25 or more) and [2] scalability – invest only in deals that can scale valuation rapidly […]

What do Angels Look for in Fundable Deals – Part I

May 18 2010 No Commented

What do Angels Look for in Fundable Deals – Part I The two most important attributes of a fundable deal for angels is the quality of the entrepreneur and management team and the scalability of the venture. We would love to invest in entrepreneurs with prior CEO experience, but angels are most often approached by […]