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Crowd Funding and Job Creation

December 13 2011 No Commented

There seem to be two motivations behind the current buoyant enthusiasm in Congress over crowd funding for entrepreneurs:  (1) the democratization of funding for startup companies (no longer requiring such investors be wealthy) and (2) the job creation that is expected to result from creating more startup ventures.  In my earlier post, Crowd Funding – […]

Startup Capital: Feast or Famine?

December 11 2011 2 Commented

For years there has been a pervasive opinion across the entrepreneurial landscape that the US has a shortage of capital required to startup and grow new ventures.  It is suggested that companies cannot find the cash necessary to start new and exciting ventures.  Furthermore during this economic downturn, we’ve heard a crescendo of voices lamenting […]

Startups Create Jobs

February 8 2010 No Commented

Startups Create Jobs Back in the ‘70s, David Birch of MIT startled the world by reporting that US government data showed the predominance of new jobs in the US were created by startup companies.  Most mainstream economists scoffed at these results, since “everybody” knows that big companies create new jobs. Over the past thirty years, […]

Due Diligence Pays Off for Angels in Groups

December 18 2009 No Commented

Due Diligence Pays Off for Angels in Groups I’ve been asked for thirty years if due diligence on angel deals really pays off.  Are we angels better served spending substantial time with entrepreneurs before investing or should we simply to throw darts at a list of deals to pick companies in which we invest?  Frankly, […]

“Touched By An Angel Investor” – Bill on

April 17 2009 No Commented

Click on the play button to listen to this podcast. [mp3player:/businessjivepodcast.mp3] “Bill Payne was an angel investor long before angel investing was cool. As the Entrepreneur in Residence of the Kauffman Foundation, he’s the closest thing this nation has to an Entrepreneur Laureate.”