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Business Plans: Why Write Them? When to Use Them?

October 29 2010 No Commented

“I have often heard investors state that they do not read business plans, implying that entrepreneurs need not write them. I disagree. Entrepreneurs need to write business plans.”  See Bill’s recent article on business plans.

Business Plans – Why Write Them?

August 16 2010 No Commented

Business Plans – Why Write Them? Too often you read about investors who suggest to entrepreneurs that business plans are unimportant and they never read them.  I think this is poor advice for entrepreneurs, because business plans are not just written for investors.  Writing business plans forces entrepreneurs to think through and then describe in […]

Software Startups – Made for Angels

April 26 2010 No Commented

Software Startups – Made for Angels Over the past couple of decades, angels have consistently chosen to invest in software deals, more frequently than ventures in other sectors.  Software companies generally scale quickly and produce high gross margins.  When coupled with a great management team and a significant head start, software companies can produce wonderful […]