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Financing Startups – A New Workshop for Entrepreneurs

April 22 2011 one Commented

For the past few months, Liz Marchi and I have been developing a new ½-day workshop for entrepreneurs:  Financing a High-Impact Venture (in Montana).  This new seminar was beta tested in Kalispell at Flathead Valley Community College yesterday morning for 22 enthusiastic participants.  Topics covered included capital sources for entrepreneurs, debt versus equity, exits, business […]

PowerPoint Pitching to Angels

December 29 2010 2 Commented

Business plans have many forms. When entrepreneurs come to the attention of potential investors, they may be invited to make verbal presentations to a select group of investors. This is commonly accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. Click here for the content that should be included in your PowerPoint pitch to angel investors.

Video Pitching to Investors

December 15 2010 No Commented

I have written a lot recently about entrepreneurs’ business plans.  Here is an article on the various forms of business plans and when to use them and another on the content of business plans.  But, as Richard Perry recently pointed out, I have not discussed video pitches.  Ok…here goes! Video pitches are elevator pitches designed […]

Writing Effective Business Plans

November 26 2010 2 Commented

Here is an article on Writing Effective Business Plans that I published this week in the Flathead Beacon.

Business Plans: Why Write Them? When to Use Them?

October 29 2010 No Commented

“I have often heard investors state that they do not read business plans, implying that entrepreneurs need not write them. I disagree. Entrepreneurs need to write business plans.”  See Bill’s recent article on business plans.

Business Plans – Why Write Them?

August 16 2010 No Commented

Business Plans – Why Write Them? Too often you read about investors who suggest to entrepreneurs that business plans are unimportant and they never read them.  I think this is poor advice for entrepreneurs, because business plans are not just written for investors.  Writing business plans forces entrepreneurs to think through and then describe in […]

What to expect from Angel Networks

April 14 2009 4 Commented

Ten years ago, access to individuals who invest in early-stage companies (commonly called ‘angel’ investors) was hard to come by for entrepreneurs seeking such financing. These days the angel investing landscape has changed. As angels increasingly pool their funds or connect in networks, they are becoming more accessible. That is good news for today’s company builders. […]