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Bootstrapping Your Startup Business

November 20 2010 11 Commented

The following article appeared in the November 2009 issue of the Flathead Business Journal, but is no longer available online. Don’t raise money from outside sources for your startup venture unless you absolutely must!  Raising money takes lots of time.  Use your time to get your company up and running.  And, by avoiding raising money, […]

Lean Startups – II

August 9 2010 No Commented

Lean Startups – II In my last post, I poked fun at Eric Ries and Steven Blank for an article posted by the New York Times suggesting that “lean startups” are a fresh new approach, which is likened to bootstrapping. I pointed out that we outside of Silicon Valley have been bootstrapping our startup ventures […]

Lean Startups – I

July 28 2010 No Commented

Lean Startups – I In all of my travels, I explain to audiences that there are only two places in the world for entrepreneurs starting companies and seeking capital – (1) Silicon Valley … and (2) everyplace else.  Except for those in the Bay Area, almost all the rest of us live and work in […]