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Funding Your Startup with SBIR Grants

November 20 2010 2 Commented

The following article appeared in the February 2010 issue of the Flathead Business Journal, but is no longer available online. Federal grant money is free!  No need for entrepreneurs to pay these monies back to a lender or give up ownership, as in an equity investment.  Who doesn’t like free?  Well…I do exaggerate.  All grants […]

Montana Venture Capitalists

September 28 2010 No Commented

As many of you know, high-growth entrepreneurs seek capital from three generally non-competing sources:  Friend & Family, Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists.  F&F often invest up to $100K in idea-stage companies (no product, no customers).  Angel investors provide funding in amounts ranging from $100K to $1 million to companies with at least a prototype product […]

Angeling in Biotechnology

March 11 2010 No Commented

Angeling in Biotechnology It seems everywhere I travel I find another “center of excellence” in Biotechnology and Life Science.  R&D in these arenas seems to grow and flourish.  Those with a focus on commercializing this science are then quite disappointed when angels express low enthusiasm for their particular projects.  Let me explain why.   Angels seek […]