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The Elephant in the Room

January 25 2011 one Commented

In a recent discussion in Vancouver, Basil Peters and I discussed the fact that many angels are not making money on their portfolio of startup ventures.  Then, our friend Frank Peters, host of The Frank Peters Show, invited Basil, Mark Skaist and me to discuss this topic on his show.  This led to a discussion […]

New Workshop Based on Basil Peters’ book, Early Exits

December 20 2010 No Commented

Basil Peters is acknowledged as the first to recognize and document the importance of an early exit strategy to entrepreneurs and early stage investors alike.  In the past few months, Basil and I have developed a ½-day workshop, which has now been delivered on several occasions and is ready for your community. Here is an […]

Early Exits

May 29 2009 No Commented

Frank Peters has a great podcast on early exits with an interview of Basil Peters. Basil talks about some reason why it may disadvantageous to receive large sums of VC money. Read the original article here.

Best Practices for Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs by Basil Peters

April 16 2009 No Commented

Angelblog is devoted to the development of best practices for Angel Investors and entrepreneurs. Its goal is to facilitate profitable, fair and enjoy 1 Vote(s) Read the original article here.