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Interview WBJ – A Wealth of Experience

May 20 2011 No Commented

I was interviewed early this month by Gareth Price of the Warsaw Business Journal about my experiences as an entrepreneur and angel investor, and about what angels look for in fundable deals.  See link.

When to Use Your Business Plan

August 30 2010 one Commented

Entrepreneurs need to know how to use the various forms of their business plans.

Angel Investor Portfolio Strategy

May 12 2010 No Commented

Angel Investor Portfolio Strategy In an earlier post, I addressed the issue Is a Respectable ROI an Achievable Metric for Angels? and concluded that, under certain conditions, reasonable returns could be achieved from an angel’s portfolio. My conclusions were based on a study by Professor Rob Wiltbank at Willamette University (near Portland, OR) Returns to […]

Don’t Take Angel Investments from VCs – a dissenting opinion

April 19 2010 No Commented

Don’t Take Angel Investments from VCs – a dissenting opinion In his recent blog Don’t Take Angel Investments From VCs, Bill Burnham cautions entrepreneurs not to include venture capitalists among investors in an angel round.  His premise is that these same VCs may choose to offer the entrepreneurs an onerous term sheet (low valuation, etc.) […]

Is a Respectable ROI an Achievable Metric for Angels?

December 14 2009 No Commented

Is a Respectable ROI an Achievable Metric for Angels? I’ve been funding startups as an angel investor since 1980 without having a good answer to this question.  Early stage VCs seem to earn over 20% IRR (annual internal rate of return), so my thought has been that angels should earn even more.  After all, we […]

Angel Investor Relations: FAQ

April 16 2009 No Commented

What does this tool do? Once your company has received funding, this tool helps track your deal terms. You can also track the percentage of your company owned by each investor. Who will see the information I enter here? When an investor commits funds to your company, they will be brought to a similar page […]

Angel Investor Tax Advantages

April 16 2009 No Commented

Three Code provisions give preferential tax treatment to equity investments in certain small business corporations. These corporations continue to be 1 Vote(s) Read the original article here.

The Frank Peters Show Podcast

April 16 2009 No Commented

A while ago I pointed out some interesting entrepreneur and investor podcasts, but I only recently started listening to The Frank Peters Show. If you are an Angel Investor, I would highly recommend subscribing to the podcast. It is put together very well, it is informative, and he has some excellent guests on the show. […]