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Are Larger Opportunities More Risky Than Smaller Ones?

May 10 2011 No Commented

The skewed returns for angel investments report by Rob Wiltbank in 2007 for the US and in 2009 for the UK describe a clear strategy for angel investors:   [1] diversity* – invest in a large number of deals (ideally 25 or more) and [2] scalability – invest only in deals that can scale valuation rapidly […]

Are Super Angels Taking Over the World of Angel Investing?

October 13 2010 one Commented

With all this excitement about Super Angels investing in Silicon Valley startup ventures, are they beginning to dominate, dare I suggest, take over the world of angel investing?  Or, even the world of seed/startup stage investing? Maybe in their own minds, they are.  But Chris Yeh points out that Super Angels are doing about 200 […]

Solo Angel Investing Versus Joining a Group

June 30 2010 No Commented

Solo Angel Investing Versus Joining a Group I was a solo angel investor from 1980 until 2000 and made a significant fraction of my 52 angel investments during that period.  Solo angel investing is just plain hard work.  I found that, as a solo angel, it was difficult to complete adequate due diligence and very […]

Dean Greg Whittred (UABS) interviewed Bill Payne

June 25 2010 No Commented

On April 21, 2001, Bill Payne delivered the University of Auckland Business School’s Dean’s Distinguished Speaker Series lecture, Angel Trends and Implications for New Zealand.  Following that lecture, Dean Greg Whittred (UABS) interviewed Bill to discuss angel investing and the environment for entrepreneurs seeking capital in New Zealand <interview link>. Bill Payne is the 2010 […]

Syndication among Angel Groups to Close Larger Rounds

January 25 2010 No Commented

Syndication among Angel Groups to Close Larger Rounds In recent posts, I have described the growing US capital gap between typical angel and VCs round size.  US angels generally invest in rounds of $200K and $1 million, while VCs have moved from rounds of $2-3 million in the ‘90s to rounds of $7-8 million today.  […]

US VC Trends are Driving Angel Groups Towards more Angel-only Deals

January 19 2010 No Commented

US VC Trends are Driving Angel Groups Towards more Angel-only Deals In an earlier post, I reported that angels in some US groups are investing in more angel-only deals, that is, startups for which less than $1 million in funding will provide sufficient runway to achieve positive cash flow.  Angels are electing to seek out […]

Listen to Bill on

April 17 2009 4 Commented

Click on the play button to listen to this podcast. [mp3player:/fundinguniversepodcast1.mp3] “Bill is, bar-none, the nation’s leading expert on angel investing. No one else in the country has spoken at more events, consulted more startups, and advised more angel groups. He is the current Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and a regular speaker […]

How to be an Angel Investor

April 16 2009 No Commented

Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi, the guys behind the great entrepreneurial blog VentureHacks, recently participated in the AngelConf event that Paul Graham produced to help spread the word about angel investing. There they gave a great 30 minute presentation about how prospective angels should find deals, work with portfolio companies, and approach angel investing in […]

Oregon Entrepreneurs Network – Angel Investor Asset Allocation

April 16 2009 No Commented

Asset allocation is the key decision of every investor. But how does Angel Investing fit into an individual’s asset allocation? The following chart 1 Vote(s) Read the original article here.