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Recognizing Outstanding Angel-funded Companies

February 20 2011 No Commented

The Angel Capital Association (ACA) has announced the inaugural ACA Silvertip Awards. The award winners will represent the best and most successful ACA member portfolio companies throughout North America. All nominations come from our member angels, with the intention to shine a big spotlight on your star investments – and connect your portfolio companies to potential […]

Australian Angels Meet in Adelaide

March 3 2010 No Commented

Australian Angels Meet in Adelaide The Australian Association of Angel Investors (AAAI) held their 3rd annual meeting in Adelaide last week.  Attendance was over 125, showing a steady increase over the past three years.  The messages of interest were consistent with what we are learning around the world.  Not many VCs are raising new funds.  […]

Startups Create Jobs

February 8 2010 No Commented

Startups Create Jobs Back in the ‘70s, David Birch of MIT startled the world by reporting that US government data showed the predominance of new jobs in the US were created by startup companies.  Most mainstream economists scoffed at these results, since “everybody” knows that big companies create new jobs. Over the past thirty years, […]