Venture Analysis

What is a Venture Analysis?
A Venture Analysis appraises the feasibility and fundability of new venture ideas for entrepreneurs.

Why should entrepreneurs purchase a Venture Analysis from Bill Payne?
Writing a business plan is a substantial commitment of personal resources (time and money) by entrepreneurs.  No entrepreneur should start this process until and unless an experienced entrepreneurial expert has first reviewed the idea for feasibility and fundability.  Bill Payne’s Venture Analysis is a superb source for this service.

How is a Venture Analysis submitted?
Entrepreneurs complete a one-page, online template describing their product idea, their management skills and experiences, the business opportunity and the competitive landscape.

Who evaluates the Venture Analysis?
Bill Payne, an entrepreneur and world leading angel investor, personally evaluates each opportunity submitted by entrepreneurs.

How are the results of a Venture Analysis reported?
A comprehensive report is created by Bill Payne evaluating the feasibility of the business idea, appraising the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal and determining the likelihood that angels would consider funding a business plan describing this business.  The Venture Analysis will include suggestions for strengthening the proposal by the entrepreneur.

How quickly will Bill Payne respond to a Venture Analysis?
Bill Payne is committed to delivering Venture Analysis reports within 48 hours of submission (except under extenuating circumstances).

Should I be concerned about confidentiality?
Bill Payne has evaluated 1000s of business plans and helped 100s of entrepreneurs without violating their confidence.  Besides, it is not necessary for you to reveal your “secret sauce” to Bill Payne (or your eventual investors) in preparing your Venture Analysis or your resulting business plan.

Why should entrepreneurs use Bill Payne to analyze their venture proposal?
Bill Payne is an experienced and successful entrepreneur who has invested in over 35 startup companies since 1980 and advised entrepreneurs and angels for many years.  He has served on the Boards of Directors of dozens of startup companies and trained over 1000 accredited investors on angel investing.  He is a founding member of four angel organizations.  Check out “Bill Payne angel” by searching


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