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The Definitive Guide to Raising Money from Angels


A handbook that will transform your Angel Funding strategy into a systematic approach for Securing Capital.Explanations of the 4 different business plans.

Pod casts, interviews, discussions, articles and essays. Examples & Principles that apply to your business.

Get more Capital, with less time and money, despite the growing number of Entrepreneurs vying for Angels' attention.

Get an unfair advantage over your competitors seeking Angel Capital.

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Angel Investing is a Miracle of the modern world. In fact, I believe history will show it to be the most important development in funding this century. Never before has it been possible to take a small idea, stand in front of 20 to 30 highly successful business persons for 20 minutes with the realistic possibility of securing capital from them. These small Angel Groups are all over the world, funding more businesses every year than even Venture Capitalists.

Angels are a Entrepreneur's dream come true - providing 95% of the seed and startup captial for rounds of investment in the range of $150,000 to $2,000,000 in the US today.

But. . . if you have approached Angel Groups, you know it’s not a cake walk at the beginning. You can send your business plan to several Angels or Angel Groups overnight. . . but a month or two later, no phone calls, no meetings, no money. You’ve wasted your time, money and energy.

How do you get around these problems?

There are LOTS of things you can do, most of them quick and simple.

Not just a handful of stale ideas, but rather dozens of easy, effective techniques that will dramatically raise your chances of securing your needed Capital.

Hi, my name is Bill Payne, and I’ve funded dozens of startups in the last 20 years, some of which have made me millions, others of which have lost me thousands. That’s the game and I love playing it. Today I consult with dozens of companies & Angel Groups all over the world.


"The Definitive Guide
to Raising Money
from Angels"

What People are
Saying. . .


Bill Payne was an investor in my last two companies, helping me raise over $1,000,000 in multiple rounds of investment.  But, more importantly, his guidance in developing our business model, writing our business plan and raising hundreds of thousands in the early rounds of funding were key to our success.  I continue to rely on Bill's assistance as I grow my company.  He has not only been a great mentor over the years but has also become a valued friend and confidant through the highs and lows of building a fast growth company.

Scott Corlett
DesignScape, Inc.


Bill Payne has successfully articulated how we as angel investors evaluate investment deals and then actively participate in our portfolio companies. After reading Payne’s book, entrepreneurs will be fully equipped to understand our perspective and subsequently achieve funding. Furthermore, the book helps entrepreneurs realize how to capitalize on angels’ experience, knowledge, and connections to augment their opportunity for success. Payne leaves no surprises for the entrepreneur at the conclusion of this book.

Catherine Mott
Managing Partner
Blue Tree Allied Angels
Pittsburgh, PA


Typical of Bill Payne, “The Definitive Guide to Raising Money from Angels” gives straight answers to important questions and provides information you didn’t know you didn’t know. Bill does a great job exploring and addressing issues every entrepreneur has faced, is facing, or will face as they grow their business. By reading this book, entrepreneurs will be much better prepared, and confident, as they begin raising money. Angel investors themselves, as well as service providers, also will better appreciate how they can help promising entrepreneurs succeed.

Nate Silverman
Founder & (former) manager of WTC Angel Network,
NW Energy Angel Group, Bellingham Angels,
Apple Seed Network & Columbian Investor Group


As we formed Ceramic Devices, Inc., Bill Payne was one of a small group of angel investors whose financial and advisory support we sought at the outset.  Bill helped us raise about  $300,000, invested in CDI, served on our Board and as Chairman for several years, until we successfully exited the company.  Bill’s guidance and counsel were key to our success.

Ivan Sarda
Ceramic Devices, Inc.


VERY good. What I like is that it is so practical and applied. Not a lecture on the theory of venture investing. It is exactly what I expected...

Gregory S. Horowitt
Director and Co-Founder
University of CA, San Diego


Bill Payne’s book is just like he is: smart, experienced, practical, and a bit irreverent. The Definitive Guide to Raising Money from Angels gives entrepreneurs an “inside look” at how angel investors think and invest. Payne has distilled his many years of experience in angel investing into a very readable, direct, and clear guide on how to appeal to angel investors. This is not rocket science, but if it were, you could build your rocket with this book.

Susan P. Strommer
President and CEO
National Association of
Seed and Venture Funds


We formed Novacap, Inc. with the encouragement of Bill Payne. His investment in the company, board service for many years and assistance in executing our exit strategy were critical to our success. We raised about $300,000 in angel capital with his assistance.

Andy Galliath
Novacap, Inc.


Bill Payne’s “Business Plan Review” is a very wise investment for anyone seeking capital for a high growth company. His clear, concise assessment of our plan provided invaluable insight and focus in our efforts to attract angel investors. His direct, no-nonsense style is paired with a deep level of understanding, not only of business fundamentals, but of entrepreneurs and investors alike. I’m certain that Bill’s insight improved both our business plan and our business model.

Kristen Llorente
CEO, Llorente SIU


Bill Payne was an early angel investor in Controltec, helping fund a round of $750,000. His Board service was invaluable as we grew the company. His advice and counsel at and between Board meetings was most valuable to me, as CEO.

Norbert Haupt


The Definitive Guide to Raising Money from Angels walks you through the process of fund raising and provides expert tips on what an angel is looking for. Every entrepreneur seeking to raise angel capital needs to read Bill’s book!

Brock Blake


Bill Payne encouraged us to start Vista Staffing Solutions, coached us with the business plan and then helped us find the $500,000 in angel financing necessary to start the company. He remained on our board for many years, providing sage counsel, and helped us engineer a profitable exit for investors once our revenues exceeded $40 million.

Mark Brouse
Vista Staffing Solutions


“This book is $50,000 worth of consulting in about 100 pages. The advice in this book is accurate and practical. It is like breaking the secret “Angel Code.” Bill is an angel. He works with angels; he trains angels. A lot of heartaches, headaches, and backaches could be saved if entrepreneurs would just take to heart what Bill has written. If you want your company funded by angels, then give them what they want, and nobody knows what they want better than Bill."

Jamison Rounds
Managing Director
Rounds International


Bill Payne helped us tee up SmartConnect for angel investment and then served as lead investor in raising our initial round of $800,000 in funding. His personal counsel and service as a Director were invaluable.

Steve Singer


I started Angel Investing before most people new what it was, and before it was cool.

Since then, I’ve become one of a tiny handful of Experts in this new funding medium. As I started speaking at investors conferences and coaching other Entrepreneurs, I saw how hungry people are for good information on this subject – and how hard it is to find anyone who truly knows it from the inside out.

So I developed a comprehensive toolkit. It’s called The Definitive Guide to Raising Money from Angels. Get it Now Only $97. It’s the fastest way to beat the learning curve, and get Angel Investors to invest so you can start executing your business plan.

Definitive Guide    

The Definitive Guide to Raising Money from Angels

Arms you with a slew of Powerful Tools,

Answers and Indispensable Information, including:

  • Fast-Start Guide gives you Step-by-Step examples of what to DO and what NOT to do when gearing up to raise money from Angels.
  • Who are these Angels and what motivates them to invest? - To successfully raise Angel Capital, it is important to understand Angels. Are they like VCs, full-time professionals investing institutional money? Are they passive investors or are they likely to want to help you grow your company? Will they threaten your ownership control of the company?  We will describe angels and explain what inspires them to invest in seed and startup companies.
  • How to find and engage Angel Investors. - Until recently, Angel Investors have been very difficult to identify and connect with.  This book will provide you with information on locating solo angels as well as show you where to find a directory of angel organizations.  And once you find an angel, what then?
  • What are Angels looking for in an investment? - Most angels don’t invest in franchises or real estate deals.  This book will describe in great detail the kind of ventures in which angels tend to invest.  It helps to understand how investing in private companies fits into the investment strategy of angels. So this will be explained in detail.  Angels invest in “businesses that will scale.” Just what does that mean?  Angels are investors, not bankers, so they are looking for a definitive exit strategy. 
  • How to pick the right Angels for your business. - There are Angel Investors who will provide you with a “leg-up” in starting your company.  How do you identify angels who bring more than just money to your business?
  • What types of business plans will you need to prepare? – Did you know that you need multiple business plan formats to successfully attract capital?  You will find descriptions of these business plans, definitions of their content and explanations of when to use (and not to use) each in the Guide.
  • How will Angel Investors assess the value of your business? - Valuation of early-stage companies is a highly misunderstood topic.  The book will demystify the valuation process, define the range of valuation to expect for your new venture, and explain how angels determine where in that range is an appropriate fair valuation for your new company.
  • Identify & explain important terms and conditions used in the Angel process. - Term sheets include a confusing array of terms and conditions that are important to entrepreneurs and investors alike. The important terms will be defined, suggesting appropriate terms for most angel deals as well as describing where to get professional assistance on your deal.
  • How to engage Angels to help build the business. - Angels bring more than money to portfolio companies.  This book will describe the mentoring and coaching roles angels prefer to assume and suggest how to select angels from among your investors to serve in roles that can be critical to your success.
  • The care and feeding of Angel Investors. – All investors expect regular feedback on the progress of their ventures.  You will find out how to ascertain exactly what information your angel investors would like to see. . . and how frequently they want this information in the Guide.
  • How angels can assist in executing your exit strategy. - While selling your company may seem far in the future, harvesting the fruits of your labors is critical to achieving the goals of all shareholders.  In this field, angels are experts and will step up to help you select & secure the best possible exit sale for your business, your family and your investors. 

Everything you'll get is real. None of it is made-up, theoretical jargon. This Guide has real-life applications, powerful strategies, and principles that you can start implementing now.

Ultimately, this toolkit is not merely about raising Angel Capital. It’s about preparing your plan of action for the difficult task of executing your business plan, while spending the least amount of money and time as possible.
You’ll also discover how your super-charged knowledge will attract not only Angels, but employees, strategic partners and even customers. You’ll see a larger picture of the whole startup game.

It’s simple, easy and fast, only when it is done right. Remember, you only have one chance when approaching an Angel Group. Make sure you are armed to the teeth with an unfair advantage over your competition.

Buy the “Definitive Guide” Right Now Only $97

The Bottom Line

Why would you invest in a toolkit like this? Only two reasons:

  1. Because you will get, an unfair advantage over your competition in seeking Angel Money from an insider, who truly knows this funding medium from the inside out.
  2. Because you cannot afford to blow your chances with your Angel Funding Group. You will only get ONE chance to present your vision.

My clients typically state that they would have had No Chance of receiving funding without my help.

So, if you are tired of spending countless sleepless nights trying to figure out how you are going to secure your needed Angel Funding, get my Definitive Guide to Raising Money from Angels Right Now Only $97

My Simple, No-Hassle,
3-Part Money-Back Guarantee:

  1. If you're not happy with this course for ANY reason, tell me within 30 days for a full, no-questions-asked, no hassle and courteous refund.
  2. If you implement my strategies and you don't see a drastic improvement in your funding strategy, tell me within 90 days for a full, no-questions-asked, no hassle and courteous refund.
  3. If you're not able to find and meet with more Investors due to this toolkit, just tell me within 90 days for a full, no-questions-asked, no hassle and courteous refund.

Don’t put this off! You can start meeting new Investors in days or even hours. Slash your wasted time and energy, and have more control over your funding options than ever before. Click Here for an instant download of the Definitive Guide to Raising Money From Angels via 100% secure online ordering.


Bill Payne

Buy “The Definitive Guide to
Raising Money from Angels” Now


P.S. You will receive ongoing updates as the Angel Funding medium evolves, including the very latest developments – New Strategies for Entrepreneurs & startups.


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