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The Liquidation Preferences Debate

March 16 2011 No Commented

The terms and conditions under which angel investors fund startup entrepreneurs are defined by non-binding term sheets.  Liquidation preferences are a commonly negotiated term and come in several flavors: 1X non-participating liquidation preference – At exit, this preference give investors the option of getting their money back or participating pro rata in the exit with […]

Don’t Take Angel Investments from VCs – a dissenting opinion

April 19 2010 No Commented

Don’t Take Angel Investments from VCs – a dissenting opinion In his recent blog Don’t Take Angel Investments From VCs, Bill Burnham cautions entrepreneurs not to include venture capitalists among investors in an angel round.  His premise is that these same VCs may choose to offer the entrepreneurs an onerous term sheet (low valuation, etc.) […]

Seasoned Angel often Favor Preferred Shares

April 7 2010 No Commented

Seasoned Angel often Favor Preferred Shares Professional investors, angels and venture capitalists alike, often stipulate that companies in which they invest establish a second class of stock (preferred, in addition to ordinary or common shares) and that the investors then purchase preferred securities.  What are the advantages to investors of preferred shares? The shareholder agreements […]

What are Preferred Shares?

March 30 2010 No Commented

What are Preferred Shares? Angel investors are important capital sources for entrepreneurs, providing cash as debt, some of which may be converted later into equity, or more commonly to purchase equity interests in the company.  Seasoned angel investors favor funding seed and startup companies by purchasing preferred shares, rather than simply owning common (ordinary) shares […]

Some Angel Groups are Beginning to Use Standardized Term Sheets

December 21 2009 No Commented

Some Angel Groups are Beginning to Use Standardized Term Sheets Until the mid-‘90s, the quality and consistency of term sheets offered by angels to entrepreneurs varied considerably.  Some were sophisticated while most were not – as if written on the back of an envelope.  Angels and entrepreneurs did other deals with only a hand-shake – […]

Angel Investor Relations: FAQ

April 16 2009 No Commented

What does this tool do? Once your company has received funding, this tool helps track your deal terms. You can also track the percentage of your company owned by each investor. Who will see the information I enter here? When an investor commits funds to your company, they will be brought to a similar page […]