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Visiting Angels and Entrepreneurs in Northern Europe

June 19 2012 No Commented

My wife, Ann, and I visited Ireland, Russia, Estonia and Finland, from mid-March to mid-April (2012), sharing experiences in angel investing through lectures, discussions and workshops.  We met passionate entrepreneurs with exciting startup companies and engaged angels investors in all four countries. Ireland Upon arriving in Dublin, we were met by our hostess, Diane Roberts, […]

Australian Angels Meet in Adelaide

March 3 2010 No Commented

Australian Angels Meet in Adelaide The Australian Association of Angel Investors (AAAI) held their 3rd annual meeting in Adelaide last week.  Attendance was over 125, showing a steady increase over the past three years.  The messages of interest were consistent with what we are learning around the world.  Not many VCs are raising new funds.  […]

National Organizations of Angels and Angel Groups

February 2 2010 No Commented

National Organizations of Angels and Angel Groups In my last post, I confessed that a decade ago I was skeptical about the value of national organizations of angels and angel groups, but I was wrong.   Despite my doubts, I participated as a member of the organization committee of the Angel Capital Association in the US.  […]

Syndication among Angel Groups to Close Larger Rounds

January 25 2010 No Commented

Syndication among Angel Groups to Close Larger Rounds In recent posts, I have described the growing US capital gap between typical angel and VCs round size.  US angels generally invest in rounds of $200K and $1 million, while VCs have moved from rounds of $2-3 million in the ‘90s to rounds of $7-8 million today.  […]

Due diligence treaties make deal syndication a snap (Tech Confidential – The Seed Stage)

April 16 2009 No Commented

After years of individual investment, angels began banding together in the early ’90s to form organized groups. Now angel groups are creating syndic 1 Vote(s) Read the original article here.