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STARTUP – by Elizabeth Edwards

January 23 2011 No Commented

I received an email solicitation encouraging me to purchase a new book on starting companies by Elizabeth Edwards about two weeks ago.  Now…without explaining further, you can guess what I do with such solicitation.  That’s right…delete!  But, for some reason, I read the email and promptly both bought and read the book.  Am I glad […]

Lean Startups – II

August 9 2010 No Commented

Lean Startups – II In my last post, I poked fun at Eric Ries and Steven Blank for an article posted by the New York Times suggesting that “lean startups” are a fresh new approach, which is likened to bootstrapping. I pointed out that we outside of Silicon Valley have been bootstrapping our startup ventures […]

Lean Startups – I

July 28 2010 No Commented

Lean Startups – I In all of my travels, I explain to audiences that there are only two places in the world for entrepreneurs starting companies and seeking capital – (1) Silicon Valley … and (2) everyplace else.  Except for those in the Bay Area, almost all the rest of us live and work in […]