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Visiting Angels and Entrepreneurs in Northern Europe

June 19 2012 No Commented

My wife, Ann, and I visited Ireland, Russia, Estonia and Finland, from mid-March to mid-April (2012), sharing experiences in angel investing through lectures, discussions and workshops.  We met passionate entrepreneurs with exciting startup companies and engaged angels investors in all four countries. Ireland Upon arriving in Dublin, we were met by our hostess, Diane Roberts, […]

Southwest Angel Summit – April 1-2, 2012

March 12 2012 No Commented

If you angels can fit April 1st and 2nd into your busy schedules, here is a dynamite meeting annually held in Tucson and hosted by the Desert Angels:  I have attended in the past and would be there this year, if I could.  

2011 Valuation Survey of North American Angel Groups

October 8 2011 7 Commented

During the summer of 2010, I developed a workshop, A New ACEF Valuation Workshop for Angels and Entrepreneurs.  To provide some reference points, I surveyed thirteen angels groups in North American to determine their recent experience in negotiating the pre-money valuation of pre-revenue companies.  See the 2010 data reported here:  Current Pre-money Valuations of Pre-revenue […]

The Wisdom of Crowds of Angel Investors

July 7 2011 8 Commented

In 2004 James Surowiecki, New Yorker business columnist, wrote the Wisdom of Crowds which recognizes that the opinions of groups is routinely more accurate than those of most individuals in the group.  In particular, the author demonstrates that large crowds consistently outperform experts within the group in decision-making.  I sense that the Wisdom of Crowds […]

Probability of Success in Raising Angel Capital

June 7 2011 3 Commented

According to J. Sohl, the Center for Venture Research, about 20,000 seed/startup stage entrepreneurs are successful in raising money from angel investors each year in the US.  An additional 30,000 later-stage entrepreneurs raise angel money annually, many of whom raised seed/startup capital from angels earlier.  Angels seem to be making more follow-on investments in portfolio […]

Models of Angel Groups

May 30 2011 No Commented

Here is my June 2011 column published today in the Flathead Beacon on models for angel organizations.

Around Warsaw

May 17 2011 one Commented

My wife Ann and I just completed a delightful 6-day visit to Warsaw.  Our purpose was to attend the 11th Annual Congress of the European Business Angel Network (EBAN) and to tour Warsaw and Krakow. The EBAN meeting was attended by over 500 delegates from 38 countries.  The presentations and panel discussions were of high […]

Valuations – Higher in Silicon Valley, Seattle and Boston than for the Rest of US

April 15 2011 No Commented

As I reported last week (Current Pre-money Valuations of Pre-revenue Companies), I met with a group of 40-50 angel leaders to discuss the valuation of seed/startup angel deals at the Angel Capital Association Summit in Boston, April 4-6, 2001.  We reviewed a survey of angel groups all over the country completed last summer (included in […]

Recognizing Outstanding Angel-funded Companies

February 20 2011 No Commented

The Angel Capital Association (ACA) has announced the inaugural ACA Silvertip Awards. The award winners will represent the best and most successful ACA member portfolio companies throughout North America. All nominations come from our member angels, with the intention to shine a big spotlight on your star investments – and connect your portfolio companies to potential […]

New Workshop Based on Basil Peters’ book, Early Exits

December 20 2010 No Commented

Basil Peters is acknowledged as the first to recognize and document the importance of an early exit strategy to entrepreneurs and early stage investors alike.  In the past few months, Basil and I have developed a ½-day workshop, which has now been delivered on several occasions and is ready for your community. Here is an […]