Kevin Learned’s Perspective on Valuation

November 29 2011 No Commented

Kevin is a friend and angel leader in Boise, Idaho.    Dr. Learned is a counselor at the Idaho Small Business Development Center at Boise State University where he specializes in counseling with entrepreneurs seeking equity capital. He is a member of the Boise Angel Fund, and is a principal in Loon Creek Capital which assists angels in forming angel funds.

Kevin recently wrote a series of articles on the valuation of early stage enterprises, which I believe to be noteworthy.

Part I – Valuing Early Stage Businesses:  The Value of an Early-Stage Company is Related to its Riskiness

Part II – Valuing Early Stage Businesses:   Comparisons

Part III -Valuing Early Stage Businesses:  Understanding Angel Math

Part IV –  New Data on Pre-Money Valuations