Signing Up for the new Financing A High-Impact Venture (in Montana) Workshop

May 2 2011 No Commented

A week or so ago, I posted on a new workshop available for entrepreneurs in Montana – sponsored by Montana State Workforce Investment Board and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (see Financing Startups – A New Workshop for Entrepreneurs).   Here is some additional information on this workshop:

Kathy McLane from Glendive participated via two-way video conference.  She appears to have loved it.  Her comments to me were:  “You have an instructor’s heart.  I can’t believe how fast those 4 hours went by!”  She added:  “With the PowerPoint presentations in front of me, I could follow along easily and felt like I was a living and breathing part of the seminar.  Given distances in Eastern Montana, this was a good choice rather than a 20 hour round trip and overnight stay.” 

We now have scheduled two additional workshops:   June 14th in Bozeman and August 17th in Butte.  If you are interested in attending, in person or remotely via video conference, please contact Liz Marchi at or (406) 883-4044 for more information.