Capital Sources for Startup Entrepreneurs

February 27 2011 2 Commented

The Flathead Beacon recently published my column on funding sources for startup entrepreneurs.

2 Responses to “Capital Sources for Startup Entrepreneurs”

  1. Traci Menga says:

    I am a serial entrepreneur working on my 3rd company, what gives? Inc.
    What Gives? is self funded thus far and is ready to seek an angel investor to reach the next milestones.
    We have created a for profit corporation in order to raise money for our schools and non-profits across the nation. This model started as a non-profit one, but under the advice of some reputable not for profit organizations, they urged me to be self sustaining in order to truly help our schools and non-profits.
    What Gives? Inc., is able to give up to 40% of it’s profits back to the registered schools & organizations on it’s site, while still making a great profit in order to grow in it’s giving back potential.

    I have found it next to impossible to obtain any sort of loan from our nation’s financial institutions, so I am working hard on angel and VC funding opportunities.

    I appreciate all the information you have shared on your site and hope to report back soon on our next round of start-up funding!

    Please check our site,
    We are launching by the end of the month and will be a company dedicated to improving educational opportunities for our nation’s youth.


    Traci Menga

  2. admin says:

    Hi Traci-
    Be sure to read Angel-Fundable Startup Companies ( Angels and VCs are investors looking for substantial returns, considering the risk of startup companies. Look at your motivations when deciding whether you are a not-for-profit or a high-growth for-profit company (the only kind investors will fund).
    Good luck with your venture,