Writing Effective Business Plans

November 26 2010 2 Commented

Here is an article on Writing Effective Business Plans that I published this week in the Flathead Beacon.

2 Responses to “Writing Effective Business Plans”

  1. John Holm says:

    Hi, I am wanting to find either an “Angel Investor” or a “VC” to help fund New Zealand developed technology and manufacture and sell into the “down-stream” Petro-Chemical Industry in North America.

    I wish to “learn” what “style/type” (format) of business plan do I need for this market as the U.S “format” may be very different than in New Zealand.

  2. admin says:

    Hi John- Thanks for your comments. Kiwi and US investors favor very similar business plans. Re help in sales/marketing in North America, some investors can be very helpful. But, look for help under every rock. The Kiwi Beachhead program can be very helpful to export oriented entrepreneurs in New Zealand. Good luck with your business. Bill