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When to Use Your Business Plan

August 30 2010 one Commented

Entrepreneurs need to know how to use the various forms of their business plans.

Business Plans – Why Write Them?

August 16 2010 No Commented

Business Plans – Why Write Them? Too often you read about investors who suggest to entrepreneurs that business plans are unimportant and they never read them.  I think this is poor advice for entrepreneurs, because business plans are not just written for investors.  Writing business plans forces entrepreneurs to think through and then describe in […]

Lean Startups – II

August 9 2010 No Commented

Lean Startups – II In my last post, I poked fun at Eric Ries and Steven Blank for an article posted by the New York Times suggesting that “lean startups” are a fresh new approach, which is likened to bootstrapping. I pointed out that we outside of Silicon Valley have been bootstrapping our startup ventures […]