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Lean Startups – I

July 28 2010 No Commented

Lean Startups – I In all of my travels, I explain to audiences that there are only two places in the world for entrepreneurs starting companies and seeking capital – (1) Silicon Valley … and (2) everyplace else.  Except for those in the Bay Area, almost all the rest of us live and work in […]

Operation Payne – those remarkable interns who were on my Kiwi Journey

July 27 2010 No Commented

As part of the Bill Payne visit to New Zealand, as the BNZ University of Auckland Entrepreneur in Residence he was greatly supported by two outstanding interns from the University of Auckland – Emma Fitzgerald and Eric Chen Liu who competed with so many to get the chance to spend half a year with one of […]

“Operation Payne” – What We Did on Our Five-Month Vacation in New Zealand

July 20 2010 one Commented

“Operation Payne” – What We Did on Our Five-Month Vacation in New Zealand Ann and I have truly enjoyed our five month visit to beautiful New Zealand.  Lovely country and really friendly Kiwis – what a wonderful place! I’ve been asked to summarize my observations and suggestions related to the entrepreneurial community in New Zealand.  […]

An Angel’s Perspective on Tech Transfer

July 16 2010 No Commented

An Angel’s Perspective on Tech Transfer I think tech transfer (TT) out of publicly-funded research organizations is really, really hard to do.    Here are a series of bullet points expressing my point of view on TT: TT is essentially a person-to-person activity.  Innovator to businessperson.  It is not about legal documents, royalties or equity positions.  […]

Brad Feld on Angel Investing

July 5 2010 No Commented

Brad Feld on Angel Investing My friend, Brad Feld, is a prolific angel and venture capital investor.  More importantly, he is really smart and a genuinely right-minded proponent of entrepreneurs.  Brad wrote an insightful article on June 2nd for Business Insider entitled After More Than 75 Angel Investments, Here’s What I’ve Learned.  This is must […]