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What are Preferred Shares?

March 30 2010 No Commented

What are Preferred Shares? Angel investors are important capital sources for entrepreneurs, providing cash as debt, some of which may be converted later into equity, or more commonly to purchase equity interests in the company.  Seasoned angel investors favor funding seed and startup companies by purchasing preferred shares, rather than simply owning common (ordinary) shares […]

ICE Network 2010 Event – Slides

March 18 2010 No Commented

Slides from the ICE Network Event>

Angeling in Biotechnology

March 11 2010 No Commented

Angeling in Biotechnology It seems everywhere I travel I find another “center of excellence” in Biotechnology and Life Science.  R&D in these arenas seems to grow and flourish.  Those with a focus on commercializing this science are then quite disappointed when angels express low enthusiasm for their particular projects.  Let me explain why.   Angels seek […]

NZI Business March 11: US investor Bill Payne shares his expertise in New Zealand (03:14)

March 11 2010 No Commented

Bill Payne, a prolific US investor who has set up four Angel investment networks, is in New Zealand for five months to offer his expertise as the BNZ University of Auckland, business school entreprener in residence. Watch video>

Australian Angels Meet in Adelaide

March 3 2010 No Commented

Australian Angels Meet in Adelaide The Australian Association of Angel Investors (AAAI) held their 3rd annual meeting in Adelaide last week.  Attendance was over 125, showing a steady increase over the past three years.  The messages of interest were consistent with what we are learning around the world.  Not many VCs are raising new funds.  […]