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Angel Group Deal Flow Statistics

February 22 2010 2 Commented

Angel Group Deal Flow Statistics To provide members with a broad selection of opportunities to invest in quality start-up ventures, angel groups encourage and are prepared to manage rather high deal flow.  Here are typical deal flow statistics for angel groups: Most groups encourage entrepreneurs to submit an executive summary or application via the group’s […]

Startups Create Jobs

February 8 2010 No Commented

Startups Create Jobs Back in the ‘70s, David Birch of MIT startled the world by reporting that US government data showed the predominance of new jobs in the US were created by startup companies.  Most mainstream economists scoffed at these results, since “everybody” knows that big companies create new jobs. Over the past thirty years, […]

National Organizations of Angels and Angel Groups

February 2 2010 No Commented

National Organizations of Angels and Angel Groups In my last post, I confessed that a decade ago I was skeptical about the value of national organizations of angels and angel groups, but I was wrong.   Despite my doubts, I participated as a member of the organization committee of the Angel Capital Association in the US.  […]