About Bill Payne

Mr. Payne is a business executive, entrepreneur and “angel investor” (investor/mentor in startup companies). He received degrees in materials engineering in the mid ’60s from the University of Illinois and has since lived in Southern California and Southern Nevada. He co-founding Solid State Dielectrics, Inc. in 1971 and sold the company to DuPont in 1982.  Since 1980 he has invested in over 50 startup ventures.  Bill was named 2009 US angel investor of the year (Hans Severiens Award) and received a similiar designation as 2010 Arch Angel of New Zealand.

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Interview During Five Months in New Zealand

Bill and his wife Ann were invited to New Zealand for 5 months in 2010 to share his knowledge and experiences in angel investing. Near the end of his visit, he was interviewed by Dean Greg Whitred of the University of Auckland Business School.
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Watch Bill on Inc. 500 – Start Ups and Execution

Bill Payne, Entrepreneur in Residence at The Kaufman Foundation, says that most start-ups fail due to a lack of execution.
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Bill on “Approaching Investors & Perfecting Their Pitch”

Click on the play button to listen to this podcast. Part II of the Interview with Brock Blake from Funding Universe.
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Bootstrapping Your Startup Business

Bootstrap your business to positive cash flow and then grow organically. Don't raise money from professional investors unless you must – it is simply too painful!
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The Role of Angel Investors

This is a presentation that Bill did At the Universtity of Illinois. View it here on this or go to the University of Illinois site to view it there.
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What to expect from Angel Networks

Ten years ago, access to individuals who invest in early-stage companies (commonly called ‘angel’ investors) was hard to come by for entrepreneurs seeking...
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